MOD Exclusive: Jordyn Woods Covers ‘The Daydream Issue’

From starring alongside Hollywood’s biggest names in film and television to designing her own athletic clothing line, Jordyn Woods is taking no prisoners as she builds a name for herself in the entertainment industry. The actress, influencer, and model is quickly gaining traction online for her star-studded roles, as well as her focus on body confidence, positivity, and health and fitness–and she has no plans to slow down any time soon. Truly a well-rounded creator, Jordyn’s online portfolio is packed with magazine cover editorials, beauty campaigns, and glimpses of her self-made business. MOD recently sat down with the rising artist to talk all things acting, entrepreneurship, and how she’s maintaining her health and wellness over the summer.

Ashley: Were your family and friends supportive of your journey to become an actress and model? How has your life changed since you gained notoriety?
Jordyn: I have a very supportive family and friend group. They support me on anything positive I put my mind to. The notoriety just happened naturally over time, so I’ve had time to get used to it. 

Ashley: Where did you grow up and how did it affect your outlook on life?
Jordyn: I grew up in Los Angeles, so my outlook is a lot different. A lot of things that aren’t normal became normal to me. For example, it’s always sunny here and that’s completely normal to me.

Ashley: What is it like being a female artist of color in the industry?
Jordyn: I feel like, as a woman of color, you have to go harder to prove yourself. 

Ashley: Any comments on how the entertainment and business sectors could better promote black female artists?
Jordyn: The first step to promote black female artists is to stop comparing them. There’s enough space for everyone. 

Ashley: You’re starring in your first motion picture, Trigger for BET+, which comes out October 1st, and working on your first single this year—exciting! Can you describe these projects in a little more detail for us?
Jordyn: Yes, I decided to take my role in Trigger because I thought it would be a great learning experience. Everyone has to start somewhere. Trigger is a thriller film, so it was a lot of fun being a part of the project. As for my first single, the pandemic has put a pause to that, so I’m not sure when it is coming—but one day. After The Masked Singer, I’ve been inspired to put something out. 

Ashley: What was it like starring alongside Paula Patton in the BET film, Sacrifice?
Jordyn: Paula is such a down-to-earth person and a veteran in the film industry, so it was nice to see that you can be both. 

Ashley: You’ve modeled for many major brands and magazine covers throughout your career. What’s it like being a successful cover model?
Jordyn: It’s still a surreal feeling to me because my younger self would’ve never imagined that I’d have the confidence to pull any of this off. I’m grateful.

Ashley: What have been your favorite moments in modeling, so far?
Jordyn: I think my favorite part of modeling has been getting to come out of my shell and meet all of the amazing people I’ve gotten to work with. It’s also so cool seeing all of the different visions come to life. 

Ashley: What’s it really like to have such a large online following?
Jordyn: It’s cool to know that I can reach a lot of different people and that my message can be heard. 

Ashley: How do you balance your personal and work life, on a day-to-day basis?
Jordyn: My work life has become my personal life. 

Ashley: You’re very vocal about leading a healthy lifestyle and promoting body positivity for all body types. Can you tell us more about your mission to make women feel physically strong and empowered?
Jordyn: My goal is to be unapologetically myself and inspire people through that. I also would love to share more of my journey with the world one day—as well as eventually teaming up or starting my own empowerment group. 

Ashley: You recently released a workout line called Frst Place. Can you describe what inspired you to create the line?
Jordyn: I went on a serious fitness journey when I lost my father, and it helped me physically and mentally. I always had a lot of people ask me what I did, so I wanted to share that with them, as well as help build a community of people. 

Ashley: What challenges do you face daily, as a female entrepreneur in the industry?
Jordyn: Just being an entrepreneur, in general—there’s a lot of ups and downs. It’s all a process of trial and error. Also, as a female you have to learn how to stand your ground, so people respect you without seeming like a b*tch. It’s all about the balance.

Ashley: What are some major accomplishments you’re most proud of, as a business owner?
Jordyn: Honestly, making any project come to life is a major accomplishment. Creating always makes me happy. 

Ashley: You recently spoke out about your journey with cancer in your family. Is there anything you’d like to touch on this very personal topic?
Jordyn: Dealing with illness with family members is always going to be difficult. Just do your best to be supportive and never take a day you have for granted. 

Ashley: How have you been staying creative and keeping up with the industry, while in quarantine?
Jordyn: Luckily, Zoom has brought us all together, whether it’s meetings, interviews, or videos. I’ve also just been trying to stay busy by trying new hobbies and I’ve actually been really inspired, now that the world has slowed down a little. 

Ashley: How has the pandemic changed the way you create?
Jordyn: The pandemic has put a lot of things into perspective. The industry is changing in front of our eyes and it’s been a time of evolving. 

Ashley: How have you been staying connected with fans during quarantine?
Jordyn: I’ve been trying to continue to post content and chat more through my social media platforms. 

Ashley: What are your thoughts on how to accommodate the global situation, when it comes to consuming TV, music, and media at home?
Jordyn: I think that we need more positive programming. 

Ashley: How have you been staying fit, healthy, and positive (both mentally and physically) during COVID-19?
Jordyn: I have been making sure I stay active and it’s very helpful for my mental health, as well as my physical health. 

Ashley: What tips do you have for others trying to maintain self-care during this time?
Jordyn: Try to find what you really like to do during this time and try new things. You may just shock yourself. 

Ashley: Let’s talk favorites – What is your favorite song?
Jordyn: Vanish by Giveon 

Ashley: What is your favorite designer to wear?
Jordyn: Bottega Veneta 

Ashley: What is your favorite workout routine right now?
Jordyn: Frst Place Programs 

Ashley: What is your favorite healthy post-workout snack?
Jordyn: Protein Shake 

Ashley: What is your favorite book?
Jordyn: The Four Agreements 

Ashley: What is your favorite social media app?
Jordyn: Twitter

Ashley: What is your favorite beauty product?
Jordyn: Moisturizer or Lip Gloss

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