Ida Body Care Announces Retail Partnership with Urban Outfitters

Ida Body Care is excited to announce its retail partnership with Urban Outfitters. Coming this summer, Urban Outfitters’ customers can discover Ida Body Care’s dry body brush and its body sugar scrub in the verbena citrus scent formulated with only natural ingredients and essential oils.

“I was drawn to Ida Body because of the special story of family history tied to the brand! I really appreciate how there is an emotional aspect- the brand goes deeper than just product,” says Marissa Newberger, Assistant Buyer/Beauty UO. “Of course, I also LOVE how all products are formulated with natural ingredients, which is an aspect that is very important to us here at UO Beauty! I’m so excited for our partnership.”

UO is on point when it comes to beauty trends.

“They consistently select natural, niche and leading beauty brands,” says Ida Body Care Founder & CEO Vicki Weaver Payne. “They are passionate, creative and entrepreneurial. They create a unique retail experience with an eye toward inspiration and a singular focus on pleasing their customer.”

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