Why the Oversized Sweater Will Never Go Out of Style

Photo Courtesy of fashionion.com/
Photo Courtesy of fashionion.com/

An obvious trend we took note of right away this winter is the oversized sweater. These slouchy, knit pieces have been making many appearances throughout the fashion scene. From street style blogs, to magazine spreads, to the runways of New York Fashion Week — oversized sweaters are one of this season’s most sought after pieces.

Frigid weather is often synonymous with sacrificing style for warmth. Fortunately, these subzero necessities have evolved into chic fashion statements! Designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, Alexander Wang, and Daniella Kallmeyer have all featured a variety of chic & fashion forward pullover sweatshirts and knit sweaters in their collections. It looks as if these cozy creations are here to stay!

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