Scarves: The Most Underrated Fashion Accessory

Every season, designers offer inspiration on how to accessorize your look with a statement necklace, a bold fur coat, or an obi belt, in their collections. An accessory that doesn’t get quite as much credit as it deserves is the scarf. Whether oversized wool, a pashmina, or a tiny neck scarf, this piece of fabric is one of the most versatile accessories that exists. Whether it’s winter or spring, there’s a scarf for every season and no matter how you wear it, it can completely transform your outfit. Looking to amp up a neutral LBD? Try a bright coloured scarf. Anxious to explore mixed prints? Combine that leopard print skirt with a polka dot scarf to warm yourself up to the trend. Or if you’re really daring, wear it as a hairpiece. In other words: when in doubt, add a scarf. This may be one of the most brilliant uses of fabric ever to enter the fashion world, so it’s time to indulge.

Here are some different ways you can play with a scarf.

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