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Model Monday: Jess Angeles

Jess Angeles MOD Magazine Model Monday Feature
Shot by Elliot & Erick (@elliotcito)

Name: Jess Angeles
Agency: Hollywood Model Management, Wilhelmina New York, Zodiac Mother Management
Birthday: Jan 27th
Hometown: From Miami, FL living in Los Angeles, CA
Instagram: @Jes_Estrada

Jess Angeles MOD Magazine Model Monday Feature
Shot by Michal Rzepecki (@mikerzepecki)

How’d you start modeling?
I was scouted at the mall in Miami! We did a fun test shoot and I signed with an agency soon after.

Who/ what are your biggest inspirations?
As corny as it may sound, I’m inspired by my mom. She raised me and my sis on her own and never let us feel deprived of anything. We were always in extracurricular activities and she always saw everything from positive perspectives.

Jess Angeles MOD Magazine Model Monday Feature
Shot by Michal Rzepecki (@mikerzepecki)

Favorite modeling experience, so far & why? Last year, I got to shoot in Hawaii. It was my first time there and we pretty much spent the day shooting on the ocean, while paddle boarding and sipping fresh juices straight out of pineapples. It was such a great experience!

Tell us some of your modeling goals. Any particular brands you’d love to model for?
Ooh hmmm… I think it would be really fun to shoot for Victoria’s Secret. I really appreciate how healthy and fit their models are.

Jess Angeles MOD Magazine Model Monday Feature
Shot by Elliot & Erick (@elliotcito)

Describe your personal style. How do you typically dress on your days off?
I LOVE my basics. I’m usually in a tee, high waist American Apparel jeans, and my Rag & Bone denim jacket. It’s so easy and comfortable.

What’s your favorite trend of the moment?
Messy hair! It’s convenient and requires NO work.

What are some of your favorite beauty products?
I guess this is technically a cooking product, but I use coconut oil for everything. I put a teeny bit on my hair to make it wavy, or soak my hair overnight as a conditioning treatment. I’ll also use it on my body as moisturizer, and dab some on my face at night.

Jess Angeles MOD Magazine Model Monday Feature
Shot for American Apparel

We know you’ve gotta take care of your figure, but what’s your favorite ‘cheat meal’?
I lovvvve sweets. Do not leave me alone with a plate of chocolate chip cookies because they will be gone when you return.

What are you listening to at the moment?
Blood Orange has been on repeat these days.

Favorite TV show/ movie?
I’m hooked on Mr. Robot right now, but my all-time favorite show is True Detective (season 1) — and obviously, The Office.

Jess Angeles MOD Magazine Model Monday Feature

Something you love to do in your spare time?
Sewing! I love reconstructing vintage clothes.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!
When I was little, I used to pull my sisters eyelashes while she was sleeping so I could “make more wishes.”

Jess Angeles MOD Magazine Model Monday Feature

What valuable lessons have you learned from the industry, thus far? Any advice for other aspiring models?
I think it’s important to remember that not every client will love you, not every agency will love you. Your confidence will get you far, so stay self assured and don’t let the industry affect your self esteem.

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