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Kevin Shahroozi: The Innovative Menswear Designer

Emerging designer Kevin Shahroozi is bringing the fashion world a unique spin on high-end menswear. The New York City fashion designer describes his style as “business with an edge” and uses genuine, high-quality materials to make his garments.

With the growing popularity of street style and the need for high-quality products, Kevin’s line of menswear is exactly what this generation of fashion forward men need. Shahroozi is currently focusing on a menswear line, where he will continue to create innovative and stylish pieces.

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MOD Magazine: In the beginning of your career, what sparked your interest in wanting to work in the fashion industry?

Kevin Shahroozi: It was when I was kid, I remember being 9-10 years old and I would dress up, even to buy groceries for my parents. Every time I went out I put on my nicest clothes, put gel in my hair, and always wanted to be fashionable when I went out. I remember offering my parents, as a 9 year old, to go buy milk for the house. I was so excited to put on one of my nice shirts, jeans, and do my hair to go out and show the world my style.

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MOD Magazine: Comfort and quality are main priorities to you. What types of fabrics do you utilize most in order to maintain that balance of style and comfort?

Kevin Shahroozi: I love using high quality version of almost all fabrics, especially lambskin leather and cashmere, specifically. Right now, I’m also in love with neoprene. Just in recent years has neoprene become popular. It’s the fabric of the scuba divers garment. Nearly all fabrics have high quality versions and low quality versions. With leather, there are leathers that get too stiff, and dull very quickly, and cashmere that pills too easily, with a terrible wear & tear look. I love using lambskin leather, high quality cashmere, and high quality cotton (like Japanese denim and Egyptian) because they look luxurious & are very nice on the skin.

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MOD Magazine: Where do you look to when you are seeking inspiration for a new design?

Kevin Shahroozi: Sometimes I go by what my current theme and inspiration are of the collection. And sometimes I go by what is popular in the world and make my own reinterpretation of it. For example, now in menswear I see in NYC, a lot of traditional basics. Such as bomber jackets, flight jackets, and safari jackets. I made a bomber jacket of neoprene and lambskin leather. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from it. The front and back is black neoprene, while, the sleeves are black lambskin leather. The sleeves are removable too to turn into a real cool vest!

MOD Magazine: You are now focusing predominantly on menswear… Why did you choose to steer away from women’s clothing?

Kevin Shahroozi: Menswear is finally getting more creative! And more and more men are finally getting more involved in fashion, even straight men! (I don’t feel so alone anymore). I made a button front shirt with a floral print only on the sleeve. It had good responses and I sold some of them at the INA store in Soho, NYC. Same with my denim leather hoodie. People are open to my denim with lambskin leather hoodies, instead of hoodies you see people wear to the gym. You can see these pieces on my website, I also focus only on menswear now because I’m at the beginning stage of my career and business. It is better to focus and concentrate at this time. When Ralph Lauren started, he only sold ties. Tommy Hilfiger started with jeans. Lastly, I started focusing on menswear because of the rise and popularity of it. There are so many articles out there that talks about the rise of menswear around the world.

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MOD Magazine: As a designer working in such a demanding and competitive industry, how do you maintain your motivation and positive outlook?

Kevin Shahroozi: You have to be hungry, believe in what you do, and you have to keep the image in your head of the life you want or the dreams you’re looking to accomplish. You also have to know that persistence and hard work pays off. I know what kind of life I want to have and the type of success I want. That helps me do the things I need to do to keep progressing and for me to go forward even when I hear ten people tell me no. When I went through accomplishing goals after so many rejections, such as when I got into the INA store after ten other stores told me no, I now know that anything is achievable as long as you keep going! My belief in my product and vision helps too. My clothes are a unique mix of high-end dressy and street-style, while being affordable compared to other high-end, contemporary, and luxury brands. It looks great being dressed up or down!

MOD Magazine: What can we expect from your upcoming collection?

Kevin Shahroozi: Expect much of what we just talked about! High-quality cashmeres and lambskin leathers, along with other high-end materials in mostly jackets, vests, and pants. A little hint of a clearer picture we can tell you is that we are working on ideas with flight jackets, sport coats (with zippers on them) and perhaps a neoprene vest. Stay tuned!

For the latest in mens fashion be sure to follow Kevin on Twitter & instagram– @KevinShahroozi

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