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Fall Beauty Hack: DIY Lipstain

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This fall, put your matte lipsticks and your glosses aside in favor of a lip stain. Lip stains have a tendency to be lighter, look more effortless and last a lot longer. The best part however, is that they’re super simple to make yourself!

You may have already heard of the Koolaid lip stain hack (also works with Crystal Light). While that does work, I’m going to offer up two much simpler solutions.

The first one couldn’t be any easier; it’s just one step and one product. Use your favorite lipliner and fill in your lips completely for a quick lip stain on the go! Lipliners are extremely pigmented, long lasting and inexpensive, making them a good choice. The down side to this method though is that it can be drying, so be sure to keep some lip balm on hand and hydrate your lips!

If you’re not into the possible dryness of a lipliner or you’re looking for a look that’s a bit more sheer, then go for the second method. The next version uses Vaseline, or any petroleum jelly for that matter. Simply mix just a little bit of petroleum jelly with any highly pigmented product, like a dark lipstick or blush.

The Vaseline makes blending the color into your lips easy and helps it last for hours. Add more petroleum jelly for a more sheer wash, or add more product for a darker stain. In lieu of Vaseline you could also use a waxy lip balm – just avoid any with a slippery consistency, otherwise the color will slide off.

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