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Cut Your Morning Routine In Half With These Essential Makeup Products

We’re all for looking our best first thing in the morning before heading out to work. But we don’t believe that it should come at the expense of an additional thirty minutes of sleep. Being well rested not only means feeling refreshed and being alert throughout the day, but it also makes you look great! To help our MOD readers keep those crucial extra minutes of beauty-sleep, we’ve selected the most essential makeup products that will cut your everyday beauty routine in half.

Your skin is the most important aspect of your face to focus on. It is one of the first things people notice when they look at you and it will be a clear give away as to the amount of sleep you have or have not been getting. All you really need is a good tinted moisturizer that will last throughout the long workday. Here, we have selected some of our favorites to give you just enough coverage without looking too cakey.

A quick fix to looking refreshed & wide awake is with a full coverage concealer. Instead of applying a heavy foundation on every inch of your face, lightly dab the concealer under your eyes to cover dark circles & anywhere else that you may have a blemish. This method will help you achieve a more flawless look, while still appearing natural.

Another excellent way of looking “alive” on those dreaded Monday mornings is blush. A light powder or gel blush will provide you with an instant rosey glow. Remember, this is just a simple beauty routine to help you look refreshed and presentable for work — there is no need for a full-on contour before heading to the office!

Mascara can be a useful tool, depending on how it is utilized. It can help you achieve that wide-eyed fully awake look, but it fully depends on the type of mascara & how it is applied. To avoid looking like the office peacock, opt for a mascara that isn’t too distracting. Here, we have selected several deep-brown mascaras (save black for a night out) with a wand that will give your lashes just enough volume and curl, without looking overdone.

It was Coco Chanel who said “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” That quote should be kept in mind when searching for an appropriate lipstick. A simple tinted lipstick or even a colorless lip balm will do the trick. You want to keep you lips healthy & moisturized, with just a hint of color to pull your look together!

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