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‘Yaassss’ to Tarteist Lip Paints!

Tarte Cosmetics
Image Source: PopSugar

You cannot deny the power of matte lipsticks — and that is why Tarte Cosmetics recently added the beautifully pigmented, aptly-named Tarteist Lip Paint to its ever-growing makeup line!

You can get the lippy in 10 colors, ranging from nude to burgundy. What’s even more special about these lip paints is how each of its names relate to our everyday situations, using Internet-famous lingo. Feeling bold? The ‘Yaassss’ lavender lip paint is here to save the day! Wanna relive the awesome decade that is the ’90s? Do not fret, the ‘TBT’ mauve lip paint will do just that. There is even a ‘bae’ and ‘frenemy’ lip paint to suit your current mood!

Image Source: Beautezine

We are totally excited for these new lippies! Get your Tarteist Lip Paints, here.

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