WATCH: Lenny & Zoë Kravitz in Tumi’s Spring 2019 Collection Film

Father-Daughter duo, Lenny Kravitz and Zoë Kravitz star in a short film, spotlighting Tumi’s new Alpha 3 Collection. The Spring 2019 campaign, directed by Eliot Rausch, was captured in the Bahamas, the childhood home of Lenny‘s grandfather.

“To me, this campaign is about connecting with ourselves, our roots, and with each other,” says Zoë Kravitz. “I loved working with Tumi and the idea of telling a story about travel, family and connecting with one’s roots. It was amazing to travel to the other side of the island for my first time to see where my family originated from and to pay respect to our elders and those who came before us – to experience that with my father was monumental.”

“I’ve been a Tumi customer and admirer of the brand for as long as I’ve been touring,” says Lenny Kravitz. “When you’re traveling and living out of a suitcase, your luggage becomes an extension of your home—and yourself for that matter. It’s the one thing that’s always with you: on the plane, on the tour bus, in the hotel room, backstage, or on set. So, you want it to be reliable, durable, and make a statement. For me, Tumi embodies all of those qualities to the fullest. Working on the campaign was very gratifying. Not only did I get the opportunity to represent a great product, but it was a very collaborative experience as I was involved in many creative aspects of the campaign.”

Watch the campaign film, below!

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