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Watch Gwen Stefani’s New Music Video for ‘Misery’

Gwen Stefani just dropped a new video for “Misery,” the latest single off her confessional comeback album, This Is What the Truth Feels Like. In the song, Stefani references her new romance with Blake Shelton, crooning about how she wants her new lover to “put me out of my misery.”

Ahead of her album’s release, the pop star talked about getting personal in her new music, telling Entertainment Weekly that she doesn’t “have any secrets” and that she hasn’t “done anything wrong.”

“I’m happy to share my story,” Stefani added. “[This] is really the only record I’ve written that’s mostly happy; all the others are about heartbreak. And there’s some of that on here—it needed that, to make the rest feel as good as it feels.”

Check out the music video, above!

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