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Watch Anne Hathaway Slay James Corden in a Late-Night Rap Battle

James Corden challenged Anne Hathaway to a rap battle on The Late Late Show, and things got pretty heated! Corden dropped a few rhymes, dissing Hathaway’s “awful British accent” in the movie One Day and her rambling Oscar acceptance speech. The host also referred to himself as the “Drake” of the rap battle, with Hathway being “Meek Mill.”

But, of course, the Alice Through the Looking Glass star didn’t back down. Hathaway clapped back at Corden, rapping about his weak ratings and teasing that his wife prefers to watch his competition, Seth Meyers, instead. The actress ended her “Hathaslay” with a One Direction pun.

“You’re the worst British export since smallpox, and you’re more full of shit than a kitty litter box,” Hathaway rhymed. “I saw the One Direction game you did with that tattoo. The one direction that makes sense is away from you.”

Watch Anne Hathaway drop the mic on James Corden, above.

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