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Ugandan Model in MAC Cosmetics’ Instagram Pic Claps Back at Racist Trolls

Credit: MAC Cosmetics Instagram
Credit: MAC Cosmetics Instagram

When MAC Cosmetics posted an image of a Black woman’s fabulously full lips on Instagram, the racist Internet trolls came out in full force. But despite all of the disgusting and hateful comments, Aamito Lagum, the Ugandan model featured in the photo, is completely unbothered!

In fact, the 23-year-old beauty had the perfect response for her haters. After the image of her lips went viral, Lagum posted a screenshot of an article about the racist backlash, commenting: “My lips giving you sleepless nights” — which is possibly the coolest, most nonchalant #sorrynotsorry ever! Fuss over her lips all you want, but she’s not losing any sleep over it, thank you very much!

Even the cosmetics giant posted a message, reminding people that MAC represents “all ages, all races, all sexes.” So haters, fall back!

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