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This MAC Cosmetics Instagram Post Sparked a Racist Uproar

MAC Cosmetics recently shared a close-range capture of a black woman’s beautifully full lips on Instagram. The image, which was taken backstage at the Ohne Titel New York Fashion Week presentation, featured an African-American model wearing one of the cosmetic giant’s deep purple lip shades. But unfortunately, the photo was bombarded with with a slew of disgustingly racist comments.

Royal romance at @ohnetitelny #AW16. #MACBackstage #NYFW

A photo posted by M∙A∙C Cosmetics (@maccosmetics) on

Many posted hateful comments on the photo, like “black women will never be as beautiful as white women.” Some even went so far as to call the model “monkey” and “fish lips.” One user threatened to unfollow MAC because of the image.


Of course, though, many other women responded to the racist comments by noting the beauty of the model’s features and offering positivity and support to other black women. “Don’t let any of these jealous bitter insecure people get you down girl,” one user wrote.


This issue also sparked a conversation about the double standards in beauty. Many pointed out how quickly people were to bash and criticize a black woman for her full lips, while celebrities like Kylie Jenner are praised and idolized for them. It seems that in our society, black features are mainly considered desirable when seen on non-black women.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know, in the comments, below!

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