SPORTMAX Spring 2020 Campaign

The SPORTMAX Spring 2020 ad campaign, photographed by Mario Sorrenti, features signature tailoring with a modern neo-romantic twist. The striking images capture a unique interpretation of freedom and effortless sunshine elegance, where structure meets fluidity. Soft fabrics juxtapose leather detail, creating unique rhythm and flow, while flying fabrics generate seamless movement.

The collection features sun-faded soft tones with a palette of perfectly layered delicate whites, dusty pinks, sea foam greens, deeper blues and rich indigos. Sunshine accessories are highlighted with sporty leather caps, bucket bags and uniquely shaped, distinctively modern eyewear. Unexpected material combos include leather trims, which complement free flowing fabrics, floating to the rhythm of the sunshine beat. Fluid silhouettes characterize organic volumes and natural transparencies. Fine leather detailing offers an elegant contrast to the floating feminine volumes, featuring fluid sun-kissed dress wear and sail-inspired silhouettes.

Go deep, this summer, with a modern faded palette of rich sunrise hues. View more of the SPORTMAX Spring 2020 campaign images, below.

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