Saweetie: Rising Rapper & Red-Hot ‘Icy Girl’

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This rising rapper from the Bay Area has captivated the hip-hop industry with her smooth flows, glamorous style, and magnetic charisma. In late 2017, the 25-year-old USC grad burst onto the scene with “ICY GRL”—her viral freestyle track, set to the beat of Khia’s “My Neck, My Back.” Since signing with Warner Bros. records, Saweetie released a series of bossy anthems on her major label debut, High Maintenance. This year, she’s poised to make even bigger waves in the industry, with brand new music on the horizon, her very own lip gloss line, a dazzling jewelry collection, and much more!

saweetie mod magazine cover

MOD: What made you realize you had a passion for music?
Saweetie: I’ve been writing since I was 14. I used to enjoy writing poetry and eventually, I realized I liked writing over beats better.

MOD: Who were some of your favorite rappers, growing up?
Saweetie: Lauren Hill, Trina, Biggie, and Pac.

MOD: If you could describe your sound with one word, what would it be?
Saweetie: Icy.

MOD: You gained popularity by posting freestyles from your car on Instagram. Tell us more about that stage of your journey. What motivated you to take that approach?
Saweetie: I couldn’t afford a studio, at the time, so I looked to social media to put my music out there.

MOD: You now have over 1.7 million followers on Instagram. How have you adjusted to social media fame?
Saweetie: To be honest with you, it gives me anxiety that so many people are watching me. I feel like I have to be conscious about my moves.

MOD: What’s the most memorable fan interaction you’ve had so far?
saweetie: A girl told me that she broke up a toxic relationship with her boyfriend of ten years because of my song “B.A.N.” I was happy to hear that I gave her the courage to do something that isn’t easy to do.

MOD: How do you deal with internet trolls and haters?
saweetie: I don’t.

MOD: We love the Game of Thrones theme of your “Pissed” music video. How did this concept come to be?
Saweetie: I love Khaleesi! She’s such a strong character and I feel like we have a lot of similarities. We are both boss ladies and ruling empires.

MOD: Got any predictions for the show’s final season? Who do you think will end up on the Iron Throne?
Saweetie: Khaleesi, duhh! [Laughs] No, but the show is amazing and I hate to send it end. But my girl Daenerys has got to be the last woman standing!

MOD: What are your thoughts on the media’s tendency to pit female rappers against each other? How do you manage to stay above the negativity?
Saweetie: A lot of the beef stems from social media and the way I stay above it is by minding my business. There is way too much negativity going on right now, and girls, from birth, have been taught to be in competition. That needs to be squashed here and now! Girls/Women, we have to support each other and bring each other up!

MOD: Many aspiring artists forego the traditional college route to pursue their dreams. However, you actually finished your program at USC and still managed to start a music career. What motivated you to stick it out and stay in school?
Saweetie: I was enrolled in the number one Communications school in the country and wanted to challenge myself to finish and graduate. Education has always been something that has been important to me. I have always been passionate about going to a 4-year university and making life-long friends. I think it’s an important transition in your life, if it’s something you want. I love learning and I’m glad I got my degree before I descended into my career.

MOD: How has your college degree come in handy so far in the music industry?
Saweetie: My experiences in school taught me the importance of business, responsibility, and time management.

MOD: Who are some artists you’d love to collab with, in the future?
Saweetie: J. Cole and Jasmine Sullivan.

MOD: How has your songwriting process evolved throughout your career?
Saweetie: I’m able to record without writing down my lyrics now. It comes with practice.

MOD: What’s the main thing you want your listeners to take away from your new album?
Saweetie: That they can be independent, bossed up, and icy like me.

MOD: What can you tell us about your new lip gloss line?
Saweetie: It’s going to be sensational!

MOD: What’s a beauty tip every girl should know?
Saweetie: A makeup wipe is not a face cleanser.

MOD: What are three beauty products you can’t live without:
Saweetie: Lip gloss, lashes, and tweezers.

MOD: Your style really oozes confidence. How’d you develop your unique sense of fashion?
Saweetie: I’m from the Bay, so growing up, our way of expressing ourselves was always through fashion.

MOD: What’s your favorite fashion trend right now?
Saweetie: I love when boys wear crossbody fanny packs.

MOD: What’s a trend you hope goes out of style soon?
Saweetie: Shading people for clickbait.

MOD: What’s your favorite city you’ve visited so far, and why?
Saweetie: New Haven, CT, because their energy reminded me of the Bay area.

MOD: What’s a movie that never gets old, no matter how many times you’ve seen it?
Saweetie: Anything with Denzel Washington in it.

MOD: What’s your favorite food?
Saweetie: Sushi and pasta.

MOD: What’s your mantra?
Saweetie: Boss up, get ya’ cost up.

MOD: What’s one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned from the industry, thus far?
Saweetie: Don’t take everyone’s advice, because when you start listening to everyone’s opinions, you stop listening to yourself.

MOD: What are some things you want to accomplish before 2019 is over?
Saweetie: I want to have a couple of # 1s, I want to get into acting, launch my lip gloss line, Icy merch line, and my lingerie line.

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