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Model Chantal Kammermann Recounts Her Eye-Opening Experience Volunteering in Refugee Camps

Stunning both on and off camera, model Chantal Kammermann is serving more than just a fierce runway walk. The exotic beauty, who is signed with Major Models New York, divides her time between the fashion world and doing humanitarian work overseas.

Chantal Kammermann MOD Magazine Feature
Image Courtesy of Major New York

Daughter of a Swiss father and West African mother, Chantal possesses a deep understanding of immigration and why a family would leave their homeland for an entirely new life. Chantal’s diverse background and inherent desire to spread compassion lead her to the shores of Lesvos and Idomeni, Greece, where she provided assistance to Syrian refugees seeking asylum along the Greek border.

The model recounts the life changing experiences on her social media pages; sharing images and stories of the many families and young children who have fled their war-torn country. Chantal described the camps as immensely overpopulated and in desperate need of assistance, stating that she was “forced to jump right in without any formal training.” She recalls bringing people to doctors and distributing food and jackets to the refugees–many of whom were forced to sleep in sub-zero weather, along train tracks.

Chantal Kammermann MOD Magazine Feature
Image Courtesy of Major New York

Spreading compassion and understanding are some of Chantal’s primary goals. Connecting with the people in the camps really brought to light how fortunate & grateful she is to live in the United States, as well as the importance of giving back. “It’s important for people to get involved and make a change, we are the same people on the same planet who breathe the same air,” said the model.

Whether it’s humanitarian work or environmental work, Chantal hopes to utilize her platform as a successful model to inspire others to move in a more loving direction.

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