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Miley Cyrus’ Video for ‘BB Talk’ is Wonderfully Weird

Miley Cyrus in her video for BB Talk via
Miley Cyrus in her video for BB Talk / Source:

Miley Cyrus recently released the music video for her new track, “BB Talk”. The single is one of the more danceable cuts from her highly experimental, self-released album, Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz. This new project is definitely a brave change of direction for the 23-year-old pop sensation, as she steers away from her last album release, Bangerz — which certainly tugged at the delicate heartstrings of every emotional pop lover.

In “BB Talk”, Cyrus uses spoken word verses and a whole lot of profanity  — a major breakaway from her U-rated Hannah Montana childhood. She also opens up quite a bit about one of her past relationships. Though the song shows Miley’s maturity as an overall artist, the music video takes the opposite approach — literally!

Miley Cyrus in her video for BB Talk / Source:
Miley Cyrus in her video for BB Talk / Source:

In the clip, Miley not only dresses like a baby, but she acts like one, too — crawling, kicking and wiggling her toes. The opening scenes of the music video are extremely tame, compared to what you see later on. What starts off as innocent, soon becomes laughable, with Cyrus and her backup dancers prancing around in oversized baby grows and dummies in their mouths. By the end of the video, Cyrus gets super sexual and controversial — sticking her middle finger up at the camera and inhaling illegal drugs from a baby bottle bong.

The video’s definitely a weird one. But hey, who am I to judge?  Like it or not, I have to admit that I am quite looking forward to seeing what’s next for Miley Cyrus!

Watch the “BB Talk” video, below:

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