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Cut Outs: Less Clothing, More Fun


The term “modesty” fluctuates throughout fashion constantly, so there is no surprise when we started ripping chunks of fabric off of our favorite articles of clothing and accessories.

Ripped jeans are no longer the only form of modestly showing some skin, and no longer are cut outs solely associated with grunge and punk looks. With a pair of scissors in hand, designers have updated their looks with a cut to the sleeve. Or the shoe. Or the bodice. When sheerness wasn’t enough, designers began to just leave the lace, mesh, and chiffon fabrics off. Thus, we were left with cut out sleeves, cut out dresses, and even cut out booties. That cold breeze through your dress is no longer a wardrobe malfunction but a fashion statement.

Now that cut outs are incorporated into sophisticated and even the most preppy styles, they have become a common trend worn by anyone with any kind of style. So, raise your scissors up and toast to a newfound chapter in the world of fashion-where a little less fabric just might cost you a little more.


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