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Achieve the Perfect Airbrushed Look at Home!



Airbrushed; it’s the look everyone wants. So many beauty products out there claim to give the look but there’s really only one product that can give you the true “airbrush effect.” Unfortunately, that product has always been a clunky, expensive, cable-ridden, super heavy airbrushing machine — At least until now!

Meet Temptu Air. This little handheld, cordless device is totally changing the airbrushing game. It features the same compressed-air technology as the company’s original airbrushing machine (the ones makeup artists use), but in a small black gun that fits into most makeup bags. You can forget about the crazy loud engine sounds those other machines make too. This little battery operated tool only makes a quiet humming noise.  Speaking of battery operated, Temptu Air’s battery life should last about three weeks before needing to be recharged via a USB port.

The best part? It’s super easy to use! Just pop in one of Temptu’s Airpods, turn it on and select your coverage (light, medium, or full). Then pull the trigger a few inches from your face, misting in small, circular motions. Now you’ve got some options; you can do all-over foundation, focus on certain trouble spots or swap out the pods for blush, bronzer, or illuminator. It’s total handsfree makeup application,  your hands never have to touch your makeup or your face.

Temptu Air is available at QVC for $195
(Airpods are sold separately – see link above)

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